Living in a Bubble
Living in a bubble offers face painting, body painting
and gestational art in the Bristol and Bath area.
Facepainting children

Often a favourite of children facepainting is a great way of brightening up an event, especially birthday parties and fairs. It is impressive how suddenly they can stay so still and quiet while their transformation process takes place.

Please keep in mind the following:
Facepainting can only take place if the child is willing
Children under 3 might not be able to stay still for long enough to have their faces painted
Babies have more sensitive skin and there fore will not be painted
Children need to have their parents consent to have their faces painted
Children remain the responsibility of the present adult at all times

Face & body painting adults

Whether is Full face, half face, eye designs or body painting, UV paints, glitter, there is no limits to the imagination of a child within. Adult face paint is often popular around Halloween, carnivals or for sports events, but pretty much fits into any event or occasion. Please read below on How to book me for an event and keep in mind that painting at night time events will require finishing by 1:00 am and good lighting will need to be provided.

Gestational art

Another name for pregnant belly painting or belly blessing, is a beautiful way of remembering the last few weeks of pregnancy. A delightful experience that can be had in the comfort of your own home, or at an agreed location. Inspiration can come from you or from the artist and is often followed by a photo shoot. It is good to allow at least 2 hours for the whole process and avoid rushing. It can also be an original addition for a baby shower. Please get in touch for further info.

Gestational Art
About the facepaints

At Living in a bubble we choose our face paints very carefully, and are happy to recommend any parents or interested people on their purchase. We use mostly GRIMAS PURE face paints because are safe and non toxic, approved by the FDA but also free of parabens. Most contain no animal products although some do have lanolin, 100% vegan face paints are also available although quality might vary.

All glitters used are specially made for skin use.

Very rarely an allergic reaction can occur, so face painting is not recommended for people with eczema or psoriasis on the face or any sign of broken skin, in cases of infection (conjunctivitis, ring worm or cold sores) or people with nut allergies. It might still be possible to work on a hand design.

Each person is panted with a clean sponge and after they are all washed at high temperature and treated with tea tree oil.

Water is changed regularly during the event

How to book for an event

Just call or email with the following information to get a quote:
Location, estimated number of people
and time and length of the event

Pre booked: This allows people to have their faces painted free of charge, usually the case for Birthday parties, hen does & stag parties, corporate or sports events or for performance. In the right place a hired face painter can be a great way to promote and draw attention to people, and can also be a great marketing tool.

On site charge: For charity events, some festivals and night clubs a facepainter would come and charge individuals and contribute towards the event according to their takings. Living in a bubble facepainters are happy to come to your event providing they are over 4 hours long.

What I need on the day

A Table (If this is not available I can bring my own).
2 adult chairs.
Access to water.
Shelter from rain or direct sunlight for out door events.
Good light (additional lamp) for night time events.

Cancellation policy
Bookings are preferably done 2 weeks in advance, once the booking has gone ahead,
a £15 booking fee will be charged if a cancellation takes place. In cancelled with 12 hours
or less of notice full payment will be expected.

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