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Masks have been used through history in different cultures for various purposes, often for rituals and ceremonies, and by some, attributed sacred, spiritual or supernatural powers. Now days more often used for theatre and performance, festivals and Halloween, they are a great way to impersonate a different character often animal, humanoid, conceptual, surreal or mythical creatures.

Here you find unique custom made masks; usually the mould is done on the wearer’s face for a perfect fit and comfort. However depending on what it is needed for; it can also be worked on a standard agreed faceshape if neccesary ( some face measurements will be needed if its going to be worn). Bare in mind they are fairly rigid so it wont adapt to fit.

You can choose what kind of mask you want: which color and shape, materials and additions. Either bring a design or request one; or throw a few ideas for inspiration and allow your self to be surprised.

The procedure

If you are interested on having a mask done, please get in touch to arrange a meeting.

At this meeting we would brain storm ideas and discuss budget (If you are requiring a design there will be an extra charge).

The next step would be the construction of the mould, either on the same day or at a later meeting. We can then work on a schedule of when your mask will be finished by.

The construction of the mould takes roughly 30 minutes. Once decided whether full face or a half is required, there will be some preparation of the space for comfort, safety and cleanness; followed by preparation of the face, usually by removing earrings, makeup (otherwise removed by the mask), applying face-cream, covering the eyes to protect lashes and eyebrows, and covering hair (mustaches or beards will not be covered but will require either Vaseline or large amounts of moisturizer/oil).

It is usually a very careful and relaxing procedure that can leave one’s face feeling refreshed. It is done in mod-rock (plastered gauze), which is applied slightly wet and worked on to achieve a smooth surface. Once it is dry enough to maintain its shape it is easily removed.

Design considerations

Things you might want to consider according its purpose are:

Materials: paper collages or even mosaics, feathers, natural materials or fabrics can all be added once the basic mould is at the desired shape.

Size & weight: the bigger the heavier, and the stronger impact it will make. They are made as light as possible but they have to also be resistant.

Shape: For carnival and theatrical purposes often exaggerated expressions or features are used. Half face masks are good for dialogues and easy for breathing and drinking.

Intricacy: Small details will be more appreciated if it’s for a mask ball or Halloween party and in photos.

Color: whether it glows or blends in, glitter, uv, shining, opaque.

Temperature: if intended to wear a mask in a hot climate for a prolongue period of time you might want to keep it light and unobstructive.

Care guidelines

They are resistent enough to wear with care.
So if you look after it may last many generations:

Do not bend or squash
Do not drop or throw
Keep out of children’s reach unless designed for them.
Best kept hanging of a wall or in a hard box/case

If it is accidentally damaged, depending how badly, they can be restored.

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